Monday, August 11, 2014

On depression. And celebrity death. And ISIS...

Well I'm heartbroken to hear of another celeb taking his own life as an end to a long battle with depression.  Depression ALWAYS makes me sad because for some reason, someone decided that it's a shameful thing, and you shouldn't talk about it.  I can't stand that.  It makes me angry and it makes me want to just HUG every person battling depression.  Like... everyday.  800 times a day.  And tell them they're loved.  And LISTEN to them talk.  And spill their feelings and their heart and whatever is going on inside.  I can't imagine feeling so hopeless AND feeling like a fool for feeling that way.  I believe it's a clinical illness, but I also believe it's an instrument of Satan.  One that he knows is powerful and brings along with it so many other complications like guilt and shame.

Celebrities carry SO much weight in this country.  Because we watch them every day.  We hear about them.  Their voice & INFLUENCE are heard on politics, fashion, religion, lifestyle.... EVERYTHING!  It's silly, but it's the truth.  Whether we like it or not, they carry some MAJOR weight when it comes to impacting the lives of the people in this country.  And so... a celebrity suicide is a big deal.  It's a PUBLIC example of a person who, despite "having it all" according to cultural standards, lost ALL HOPE.  Completely and totally felt worthless and hopeless enough to end life.  That's  a BIG deal.  And it's a SAD deal.  Because it's a soul who did not know that there IS HOPE in CHRIST.  I believe that as a follower and lover of Jesus Christ, i SHOULD be bothered and UPSET by that. 

Am I bothered by ISIS and all of the terrible things happening in that part of the world?  ABSOLUTELY rips at my heart and my gut.  I THANK God that their souls are HIS.  I thank God that whatever TERRIBLE death might await those people who are hiding out in the mountains, trying to avoid being murdered or raped or torchered, they will be in eternity with Him when their time here ends.  I PRAY and BEG that He will rescue them from the horrific stuff I've been hearing about.  But again, I am ENCOURAGED by their faith.  That they are taking their belief in our God with them to the ends of the earth at ALL costs.  I am humbled and destroyed by it. 

So with all that's happening in this lovely world we live in, I will say this:  Nothing surprises me, but the reality of suicide, of religious genocide, of people being torchered by other humans OR by Satan himself... will NEVER stop breaking my heart.  I accept that it's a "fallen world" but my heart will ache for the peace of His Kingdom come ALWAYS.  In the meantime, I will pray for the celebrity battling depression, for the innocent child being torchered because he happens to live in a country where Christianity is unacceptable, for the homeless guy I drive by every week, for the orphaned children ALL over the world who are INNOCENT, for my neighbor who is struggling in her marriage... there is no struggle undeserving of compassion and prayer and no tragedy unworthy of attention and tears.  Not in my book.  Because as I understand it, that's how it is in God's book.

Our Father in Heaven, HALLOWED be Your name.  Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done on Earth just as it is in Heaven! Thine is the KINGDOM and the POWER and the GLORY forever!!!!  Have mercy on Your people, God.

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