Thursday, December 3, 2009

T-Giv 2009

+Our THanksgiving wasprettttty amazing. We met the whole Bradford gang just outside of Marble Falls at Log Country Cove and spend the extended weekend hanging out in a cabin with 30 people! It was cold, beautiful, entertaining, exhausting, & relaxing all at the same time :)

We lucked out and were assigned to sleep in the cabin away from all of the
youngsters. It definitely helped Avery get some good sleep at night, which she NEEDED bc there would be no real napping going on during the days!

On Thursday morning a few of us got up and ran the "Log COuntry Cove Turkey Trot" (I think there were a whopping 15 ppl who participated, ha), through the nature trails around the lake. It was cold, tiring, but BEAUUUUTIFUL. The rest of our time was filled with football (duh), delicious home cooking, kids going crazy upstairs, 3 babies all within 2 months of eachother, card games, Mary Kay Makeovers, napping, pic taking, playing by the creek, and just enjoying spending time with loved ones in such a peaceful place!

Thanks to Juel Anne & Doug who make it all happen! We love love loved it and hope we can all go back again sometime!

To The Currys: you guys would be OBSESSED with this place. so pretty and peaceful. nature at its finest...and in our FAV part of Texas!

Ave got some great quality time with her Aunt Amy, Nana, & Poppa and loved every second. She and the other 2 babies were ADORABLE to watch. So curious about eachother. We paid for all the attention she got for a few days after we got home. She spent 2 days BAWLING her little eyes out whenever she wasn't being held, which she had NEVER done before. But, we quickly broke her of that habit haha. Sweet little baby :)

SO thankful for SO many people to love and to love us back!!

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