Saturday, December 5, 2009

Howdy Neighbor.

This has been an interesting week as far as neighbors go. 

Wed night at approx 2am, Brian and I were awakened by some incredibly bright flashing lights glaring through our bedroom window.  I peeked out to see what this light show was all about and was taken aback by the sight.  2 police cars.  1 first response van.  a firetruck.  an ambulance.  All parked directly outside of our building. 

Over the next 40 minutes I alternated between trying to soothe Avery back to sleep/distract her from the flashing red/blue light show going on in her room and staring out the window at the scene outside trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

I fell back asleep for about an hour and a half and then woke up again to the pleasant sound of a flipping jackhammer.  Yes.  I'm serious.  At 4oclock in the morning, someone upstairs was using a JACKHAMMER.  I laid there in disbelief for a few minutes before looking out the window again to find that all of the emergency crew had gone, but there was still one cop car present.  I figured they HAD to be involved in whatever this crazy noise upstairs was.  SO...I threw on a hoodie and my uggs (fake uggs, that is) and strolled up the stairs to find out what the HECK these ppl were thinking.  A repair dude a po-po were standing in the doorway of our upstairs/across the hall neighbor and banging the heck out of the doorframe.  Mr. Po-po smiled like this was a totally normal situation and asked, "Can I help you, ma'am?" 

Me- "Well, actually yes you could help me by halting the usage of your power tools until the sun comes up."
PoPo- "Well ma'am we had to break through the door and we can't leave until it's been repaired."
Me- "Oh.  Awesome."
PoPo- "Sorry about the noise.  It shouldn't be too much longer."

I guess when he said not too much longer he meant only like...another hour.  AH!  It was a pretty much sleepless night.  Avery woke up a LOT, but went ahead and slept through the crazy jackhammer commotion (while I was awake) and then when I was able to sleep again, she was up.  It was terrif. 

I called the front office the next morning to find out if we are living beneath a drug dealer and was informed that it was simply a domestic dispute.  SIMPLY.  I guess that was her way of downplaying the criminal activity that took place 10 yards away from where we sleep.  In my opinion, anything involving popos being forced to bust down a door is KIND of a big deal.  But, we were ASSURED that the dude causing the problem will absolutely not be an issue ever again.  I'm assuming he was arrested. 

Last night our across the hall neighbor came and informed us that she and her bf were having a party...just come let them know if they needed to quiet down.  I was super impressed.  I guess I'm not very aware of apartment-etiquette, but I like it :)  Anyway, we heard them for most of the night, of course, but only bc the walls are so thin.  They were surprisingly civil and respectful.  It wasn't until the party was ending and drunkies started leaving that the noise got a little out of hand.  At this point in the night, Avery had not woken up ONCE and I was not about to let these intoxicated fools change that, so again.  I threw on my hoodie and boots and marched across the hall.  I knocked, knowing they wouldn't hear me through their blaring music (which at this point was entirely too loud...I'm pretty sure the building across the complex could hear it loud and clear) and then barged in.  I had to wade through the purple haze for quite a while before finding the chick who lived there.  BUT, as soon as I asked her to turn the music down a teeny bit, she graciously appeased me :)  As SOON as I mentioned "sleeping baby", she pretty much sprinted over the ipod and cranked it down. So sweet :) 

So.  Yay for neighbors.  I prefer the non-criminal kind, but hey- what can ya do?

**This post was written tonight in order to distract me from the UT game which is putting my stomach in knots.


the brock clan said...

Oh yes, apartment living. We used to live in Arlington, so we had quite a few of these experiences!

The Wife said...

I do not miss apartment living! I can not stand noise while trying to go to sleep! At least that man will not be a problem again-hopefully!

Tbaby said...

hahhaha! that's my life...except I don't have a sleeping baby, and I unfortunately just fall asleep when the upstairs neighbors are screaming at eachother...scary...but you are SOO cute, little mommy...barging in on parties for your cute:)