Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pale = the New Tan

...or at least it should be!

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (part of World Health Org.) just upgraded tanning beds to the HIGHEST LEVEL of cancer causing threats! They are now on the same level as cigarettes! EW. New studies conducted in 7 different countries have shown that the use of tanning beds before the age of 30 raises your chance of developing cancer by 75%!!

If you frequent the tanning salon, read up on some of these studies and decide for yourself if having that dark glow is REALLY worth the risk!

My advice? Replace the bed with a nice bronzing lotion. You'll save a few bucks and lower your risk of developing cancer WITHOUT sacrificing the summer glow :)


the tichenor family said...

Admittedly, I used to tan in highschool... and upon occasion in college/after. Once I had Carson, a flip switched in me and I physically COULD NOT allow myself to go anymore- knowing that I was intentionally damaging my skin. How could I look my child in the face one day and tell him I had cancer all so I could have a nice tan? I have embraced the spray tan for special occasions and even invested in a $40 bottle of tanning lotion to TRY to attempt a summer glow. So worth it in the long run. Thanks for the update mama. Have I told you lately how beautiful your paleness looks?

the brock clan said...

Hey, I talked to my friend about the ring and she said to go ahead and give you her email it is!

Anonymous said...

I too have quit the tanning - only natural sun for me and spray tans in the winter. I regret how easily I would get into a tanning bed in the past, such a shame! Great post! :)