Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 Months!

I like to consider myself a good mom :) However, one of my shortcomings has been my lack of blogposts about Avery's millions of super adorable little milestones. I keep track of them in her little baby calendar...but the blog has not quite turned into a baby scrapbook like I had expected it to. That being said- I'm STARTING NOW! I vow to NOT be such a slacker at documenting my little munchkin's life...every little boring yet adorable detail...for my OWN pleasure mainly...and to begin:

Here is a belated post about Avery's life @ 3 Months!

Weight: 13 lb even (the weight gain has slowed down BIG TIME this month!...only 1 lb. more than her 2 month weight!

Height: 23 in (i think?...this measurement was rushed and QUITE a struggle)

Fav Toy: Rainforest Playmat

At 3 months, Avery is:

-smiling like a CHAMP!

-rolling over NON stop
-marching around the living room...or up mommy and daddy's tummies anytime we hold her straight up

-giggling when we put her on the changing table. SO cute.

-loving going on walks
-sleeping pretty much EVERYTIME she's in her carseat

-doing AWESOME in the church nursery. They adore her...and I don't blame them :)

-eating about every 3 hours during the day

-going to bed around 10ish, waking up to eat around 6ish, playing for 30 minutes, and sleeping again until 8 or 9ish!

-POSSIBLY establishing an afternoon naptime of around 1ish?? and napping for 2ish hours (PLEEEASE keep this up, sweet girl!!)

-missing her nonni & big poppy, nana & poppa, as this is prob the longest she's gone without seeing any of them!

-too big for the sleeper on her Pack'n'Play- BIG GIRL!!

-has visited Lufkin, Sugar Land, Dallas, Fredericksburg, & Austin...and has been a trooper for sticking it out through some LONG car rides!

-grabbing on to ANYTHING within 6 inches of her

-trying REALLY hard to fit her entire fist into her mouth on a regular basis. This is one determined girl :)


Kellianne said...

i love your little 3 month old sign...it reminds me of the days back in middle school :)

Bethany Freede said...

I'm REALLY glad you provided us with an Averton life update! Keep it coming :) She is so cute and sweet! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS AGAIN!