Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mad Props to Mothers-of-Twins Everywhere!!

Today, I gained an insane amount of respect and awe for mothers who have raised twins! I've always been impressed, but today, mothers-of-twins everywhere are my new heroes!

My Thursday started off just like any other day. I got up super early to head to the gym for my AM clients. My 7am was 15 minutes late, but he's ALWAYS a pleasure to be it was all good in my book :) And, I get paid regardless of how late my clients are! When I got home, Aves was awake and ready to eat much earlier than usual at 730! I fed babygirl, and we waited for her new friend Audrey to come over for the day! Her mama teaches at a private school right down the road, so Aves & I are hanging out with her while her momma's @ work!

Well...Carrie was running super late this morning, so little Audrey got JIPPED in the eating department, but she seemed okay. The next 3 hours were a nonstop rotation of changing a diaper, holding one baby, putting her down to hold the OTHER baby, changing the other's diaper, feeding one, playing with the other...and so on. By 11:15 poor Audrey was STAR.VING. She proceeded to scream her head off for about 30 minutes straight until we got up to BrookHill where her mommy finallyyyy gave her what she wanted :) After that...the rest of the afternoon was smooooth sailing. The little girlies slept until Carrie came to get Audrey...and then my sweet girl slept for 2 more hours! AWESOME :) She loves her mommy and knew I was comPLETEly exhausted. I was able to crash for about an hour, and although I was still pretty pooped when I woke up...I had enough energy to make it through my evening schedule at the gym!

Speaking of my evening at the gym...WHen I dropped Aves off at childcare, I didn't think twice bc I knew she shouldn't get hungry until after I was finished. About halfway through my last client, the childcare chick flagged me down bc Avery was inconsolable. My client is THEBOMB and let me go feed Aves real quick while she did some cardio...and then Aves helped me train for the last 15 minutes! She did a great job...I think she might have a future in the fitness industry :) She appeared to feel pretty at home around the leg press and chest fly machines, although most of our members didn't know what to think about a trainer walking around with a 3-month-old on her hip.

Now, my little angel is snoozing soundly in her bed, and I canNOT wait to dive under the covers and slip into blissful sleep.

Dangit....scratch that. She's crying. Here we go!!


Jamie said...

I think you deserve a Mad Props Rox for being a working mama of a 3 month old and super props for also being willing to watch a friends baby! Being a mom is a full time job as it way to go for balancing/juggling both!

the brock clan said...

You sure are brave! I agree that twins must be a little rough, but I have to say that having a 12 month old and a newborn was rough too at times!

Yes, isn't that ring awesome?! That is actually my modeling is my FAV! Along with the necklace that goes with it! If you want to send me an email at, I will give you my friend's info so that you can order it!

Kayla said...

Wow superwoman!! I can't believe your crazy day. Someday our plan will be a reality and we will be neighbors & I can help you!! Love you.