Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome to The Shoog!!

This past weekend we ventured down to Sugar Land! It was Avery's intro to the good ol' Shoog... quite a momentous occasion :) We had a wedding to go to on Sunday (which btw- was one of the most unique weddings I've been was pretty cool!), but for the rest of the weekend we just relaxed and hung out with Nonni, Big Poppy, & Uncle Reidster. Of course we had quite a few visitors, which was super fun, but it was SO nice to just sit back, relax, and watch everyone else hold my babygirl (although I must admit, when we share her with everyone, Brian and I really miss having her all to ourselves by the end of it all!)
LinkAunt Nug & Vickster finally got to meet Avery! Yayyy!

Lance is a natural ;P

Avery experienced her first swimming adventure! Surprisingly, she LOVED it! Here she is sporting the little bikini that Melissa got for her. PRESH!

Great little nap snuggling with Uncle Reid

She lovvvves to be spoiled by her Nonni & Big Poppy.

Playtime with Big Poppy!

Soooo cozy :)

Daddy snuck in some snuggle time while everyone else was busy!

Reid & Melissa- love 'em :)

**No pics with Nonni! sad! Mom- you need to send me some pics!!

It was great to see everyone that we got to visit with while we were in The Shoog! Jacci, Roberto & Scarlett, Gaynor & Ray, the Freede/Girod/Agan clan, the Thors, the Currys, the Grays, and the great-grandparents...thanks for coming to visit! Can't wait to see everyone again.

PS- Magen, my moo, suffered a head injury almost 2 weeks ago and is at her parents house recovering for the next couple of weeks. Although it was serious at the time, she is doing better and is expected to recover fully before too long so that she can return to work! On Friday we went to visit her, and meeting Avery definitely cheered her up a bit :) Keep her and her recovery in yours prayers!

PPS- This post-pregnancy body has not been nice to my bank account. I really haven't spent MUCH on new stuff...but most of my shorts don't fit me...and NONE of my swimsuits do. SO- while in The Shoog, I had to go purchase a new suit so that I could lay out at my parents pool and at least START working on my pastiness! Wow- having boobs puts a whole new spin on swimsuit shopping. EVERYTHING felt hoochie. I finally found something somewhat acceptable, although I'm still not sure I'll feel comfortable in public! I guess I'll just have to buy another one that covers a little bit more :)

PPPS- Avery had her first church First Colony! She was great, quiet, and even raised her hands to PRAISE THE LORD while we were singing some of the songs ;P Ha- it was pretty cute :)

Hope you all are doing well and are enjoying the sweet summertime! MAN I miss that Houston heat! ...seriously.

Love! <3>


Ivy said...

oh my goodness, rox... shes getting bigger! so cute!!

and um.... i feel ya on the swimsuit issue. except i cant blame my boobies on a baby. im stuck with em for life.

Jacci said...

the pic of her on brian's chest is soooo sweet. SO glad we got to see you and precious amazing avery! I PROMISE I'll call you today!

love you!