Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have my 6-week check up appointment on Monday and I. CAN'T. WAIT. I am sooooo anxious to be cleared to start working out! It has been OVER 5 months since I worked out hard enough to work up a good sweat. I desperately miss that feeling of sweating hard, gasping for oxygen, and having jello legs! I was instructed, especially because of my stitching and everything, not work out until I had been cleared by my doc. I cheated. Just a little bit though. I walked each of my dogs briskly...or- as briskly as I could handle. I am OUT OF SHAPE! But MAN did it feel good to work up a little sweat and experience slightly labored breathing :) I finished off with a set of lunges and squats and a few bi curls and dips. JUST a few. Like I said...I'm out of shape, dude.

I'm pretty tired now, and I love it. As much as I DREAD the actual events that are to take place at my appointment next week, I can't wait to resume normal life!!

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