Friday, June 19, 2009

Life at the Moment

*Avery is 6 weeks old and her latest milestone is: SMILING!! :) It's presh. I'm in love with that gummy grin. Now I just have to get a pic of it!!

*She has outgrown her NB diapers and is now in size 1. She ALSO has outgrown the majority of her newborn sized CLOTHS! It's crazy. I didn't expect that happen yet. She's moving on up in the world...

*I had to venture up to my old stomping grounds (the gym) yesterday to take a pic for our new trainer profiles, so while there I took advantage of the scale! Not for I'm not too interested in my weight just yet. Avery weighs 11.5 pounds! Holy mack. We've got a big girl on our hands.

*It's Father's Day Wknd and I'm pumped! I can't wait for Avery and I to make her little Father's Gift for Brian. I'm just waiting to find SOME excuse to get him out of the house so we can get ON it. His gift from me arrived yesterday and we are BOTH excited. P90X. Watch out world...In 90 days Brian and I are gonna be O.O.C. in shape :) I'll definitely be chronicling that experience...

*I don't know if I ever mentioned that my parents recently purchased some land in Fredericksburg (their favvv place!) and are in the process of building a little getaway house out there! So far they've started putting up the power lines and I think they just recently started building the road. I haven't seen the land yet...only pics...but it is SUPER rugged! It's definitely gonna take LOTS of clearing :) Can't wait to visit Pura Vida!!

*The week before July4th wknd my mom's side of the fam is heading down to galvy for a week-long celebration of my grandma's bday. We are RARELY all together, so I CANNOT wait! Plus...I need a tan...BAD. And since I didn't get to do the whole pregnant belly/straw hat/ocean thing... I'll do the new born baby under an umbrella in the sand thing :)

*Reidster is back in Texas after a year of school in Cali. He loved it, but is sooo glad to be back in the best state in the US! He has been waiting for months to hear from UT about whether or not he was accepted in as a transfer student, and unfortunately, he didn't get in. HOWEVER- he now KNOWS where he's going, which is nice, and starting in August the Currys will have a Red Raider in the fam! Congrats to my baby bro for getting into college! (again.)

*Brian finally used the rest of his Academy gift cards that he wanted to badly for his bday. He was pumped to spend them on golf gear (of course.) Turns out, he got ME a little set of clubs!! I got after him for not spending it on himself, but he said it IS for him, bc this means we'll be able to play together someday! He taught me how to swing, and I must say- I surprised myself. I am BY NO MEANS good...but there's hope! Thanks, coach :)

*I go back to work July 6th and I'm really excited! I miss the gym. I miss my clients. I miss my co-workers/friends. I just miss social interaction with lots of people!

*I go back to work July 6th and I'm kind of sad about it! I will miss spending all day every day with my little munchkin. Our gym offers childcare, so I'll have her there with me for the majority of my workday...but still. I'll miss her!

*Last night Avery went 6 hrs & 45 min between feedings! My babygirl is the bommmmb. She knew her mommy was TIRED and needed a good night's sleep. Thanks little angel :)

*My friend Kylee has been out of town all week and doesn't get back until Monday. I miss her! And her dog, Mick.

*So I'm really debating about what route I want to take in furthering my education. If all works out in other aspects of our life to allow me to go to Physical Therapy school, I'M THERE. But, if not- I am DEFINITELY considering an MBA. The opportunities that each option open up are super exciting to me. For now though, I'm just doing lots of research and waiting to see where God leads us as a family. Decisions about schooling can definitely wait :)

*I hope that Riley, Reid, Amy, & BrianAveryandI live super close to each other when we grow up! I miss them!! And so does Avery!

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend planned, whether it's fun & event-filled or relaxing & totally void of activity. Love & miss!!

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Tbaby said...

ah ah ah ahhhhh!!!

P90X!!! YESSSSS!! i kinda peed when i read that you FINALLY GOT IT!!! WOOHHOOOO!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW RIPPED Y'ALL ARE GONNA GET....I guess I'm glad I got a head start;)

nice to read your life update:) it all sounds GOOOOD.

i miss you. Tbabyyyyy:)momma