Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day to B-Rizzle & Rand!!

This morning, Brian woke up to his first FATHERS DAY!! yay :) I was gonna fix him a yummy breakfast, but he just wanted I was off the hook on that one! Averton and I DID, however, present him with a cute little gift. I took a pic but don't feel like uploading it right now. Will do soon. It's just a cute little keepsake for B to have of his babygirl!! And I have a pic of my 2 loves to upload. That will happen in the next few days. Scouts honor :)

OH! And we went and bought a big fan to put in our garage/workout room to prevent us from passing out during our new endeavor! Speaking of p90x...Brian did one of the workouts today and said it really wasn't that tough. When we actually start the program FOR REAL, I know it will be 150% more challenging. I can't wait :)

Okay...back to Father's Day. It's so fun to be able to celebrate mother's/father's day now! Since back when I was just crushing on Brian...I LOVED thinking about what an amazing daddy he would be. I love watching him love on Aves. It makes me melt to see the love in his eyes when he looks at her. :) There's just nothing like it!

And to MY daddy- HAPPY FAJ DAY!!! Thanks for being the greatest pops I could ever imagine having! I love you with all my heart and I really am SO thankful for every single thing about you! Riles, Reid, and I know that we are incredibly lucky to have such a hilarious, honest, loving, generous dad!! MUAH!

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Ivy said...

its from my fave store TARJAY. it was on super sale a few weeks ago they may still have some though!