Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The City that Never Sleeps...

SO...last week Brian was in New York for work, and I was at home working and going to school. WOO! It was a tough week for me! I felt like I had NO time to breathe...and I missed the hub. BUT, my momma came to visit me on Wednesday afternoon, so I cancelled my afternoon clients and my Thursday late morning so we could hang out. It was a grannnnnd old time :) I have MISSED my fam! I haven't gotten to spend time with them in forev! Thanks for coming, mommy :)

On Friday morning, I flew out to NYC to meet B for the a fun little weekend getaway. We went to Central Park for loonnnng time on Friday. I'm pretty sure if I lived in NYC I would LIVE at Central Park. There were people hanging out eating ice cream, throwing the frisbee, laying out in their bikinis gettin their tan on, playing random music, painting AMAZING was awesome and it made me MISS Austin. I never thought NYC would remind me of Austin, ha. We went to a dif museum...the Metropolitan..pretty cool. Brian loved it because he's all into that ancient history kind of stuff. We went to see Phantom of the Opera (amazing, OF course..the phantom's voice made me melt), went back to the classic Magnolia Bakery for some TREMENDOUS cupcakes, did some hard-core bartering in china-town (one of my fav parts, always) and ...drumroll please..... WENT TO A GAME @ YANKEE STADIUM!!!!

I have always been a sportsfan and one of my "list of things to do" is to attend a game at every major league baseball stadium.'s kind of changed to just a few of the major stadiums...but HOW could I not attend a game at Yankee stadium with all of the historical events that have taken place there!? After this season, they're tearing it this was my last chance...and B made it happen. :))))) I WAS EXCITED! It was awesome. We sat in the bleachers with a bunch of people who are there for EVERY homegame in the same spot. There was a group of about 9 old men behind us who were decked out head to toe, are all bffs, pretty much act like they're bffs with the players, and most of them had their own personal scorebook in which they kept track of every little step of the game in a perfectly flawless way. Ha...they were um...hardcore. It was a very cool environment. But I can't lie...the Yanks are the ONE TEAM that I could NOT break down and buy a t-shirt to wear to the game. NOT a Yankee fan and NEVER will be. (Unless of course...I move to NYC...sad, I know.)

Brian and I had a splendid getaway and had a super fun time just hanging out together all weekend long. I love my hubbyyyy :))) annnnd, I love NEW YORK!

OH! I broke down and bought a camera battery charger so we ACTUALLY took some pics! Please enjoy :)

Lunch @ ESPN it.
Onnnn the subway. I love public transportation. For real. Brian doesn't totally agree with me on that one.

Sex&theCity IS good for something...they introduced me to the DELECTABLE cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery

@ The Majestic to see Phantom
How cool would it be to play a softball game in Central Park? Super cool view :)

Me: superrrrr excited to be @ Yankee Stadium! B: super excited about how much we paid for tickets ha

Yankee Stadium:

The future Yankee Stadium!

annnnd, the classic Time Square photo :)


Jacci said...

yay!! I'm glad you had so much fun! and I'm SUPER GLAD you actually took pictures! I have missed your pretty face!!

Love you!!!! we FOR REAL need to plan a get together.

Carrie Jo Howard said...

I'm SOOOO jealous you got to go to Yankee Stadium... looks like yall had an awesome time. Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

Kellianne said...

Super Fun! i LOVE NYC! I have a picture of my dad and I and that softball field in the background from this past christmas! What a fun trip!!!

Ivy said...

oh my goodness, rox! how fun!!! ummm and thoe cupcakes look divine. im kinda obsessed with cupcakes and im sort of a cupcake snob, but i think those might make the cut! :)

Jason and Lindsey said...

how fun rox! when i saw you this weekend I had not read the blog yet. what a fun time!!!!! it was great seeing you. i love catching up. love you girl!