Saturday, July 12, 2008

VOTE for Riles to win an ESPY!!


Remember this crazy play that Riley's football team executed back in the fall? The one that got them on ESPN? Well... now it's been nominated for an ESPY for "best play" !!!!

Riles is heading out to LA this week to join people like oh, you know...Lebron James, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods.... in filming the ESPY Awards. He and 6 of his teammates get to spend 2 days being treated like celebrities and meeting people they have looked up to and idolized for most of their lives. It's nuts! I'm super excited for him! No matter if they win or lose, I'm pretty sure this will be one of the coolest things they do in their lifetime.

HOWEVER, it wouldn't hurt to take home an ESPY :) And, YOU, my dear blogger friends, can help! Visit THIS LINK to vote for the ESPY awards. It requires you to register with, but that only takes a couple of minutes out of your life. You only have to do it the first time and then you're golden. You can vote once a day. Scroll down to "best play" and click on the TU box! NOTE: ESPN will not send you annoying emails once you register. So, no worries about that :)

Kthanksbye :)


Jacci said...

voting for sure!

robert heard riley on the radio the other day talking to michael irvan and kevin kiley or however you spell it!


Markquette said...

ROXANNE!! You are tooo cuuuutee!!!!!! I love your blog! See you tomorrow! Loves! XOXO!

Kellianne said...

you got my vote Rox!