Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bradford Update

It was a good weekend. One of B's good friends (and a groomsman in our wedding!) got married at a church in The Woodlands, so we headed out that way on Friday night after work. We stayed with Schwinnybabe and had soooo much fun! I really have missed one of my FAV soccer loves :) Schwinny, JimBob (her pops), and I used to have 2 jam sessions a week on our way to soccer practice....oh, the good ol' days :)

Okay so...first of all, The Woodlands is AWESOME. It is seriously a Sugar Land clone, only a bit less crowded and SO many big beautiful trees! My kind of place :) Schwinny and her fianc, Ryan, took us out to Market Street and we just kinda chatted and hung out. Second- they have a way cool story. They met and fell HARD. They were engaged after a month and a half and will be married in less than 3 months! Pretty awesome and SO exciting! If I know anyone who is deserving of an incredible and FUN guy, it's Linz :)

The wedding was a daytime wedding...2:30 on Saturday. It was pretty, personal, and full of GIANT football-playing groomsmen. My hubling is not a fan of dancing like a goon around people he doesn't know, so there was no getting krunk on the danceflo' (unfortch). His pops was at the wedding, along with his old high school football coach, so we had a super fun time exchanging stories at the old folks' table ;) Yay for weddings :) Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Muhlbach!

Now we're back to our life in Tyler. We are seriously NEVER here on the weekends, so all I know of life in Tyler is work and school, work and school, work...Mexican food...and school. This has been a BUSY week already, but mighty productive :) I'm over halfway done with my first summer class. I'm covering for a friend at work so my already-heavy-clientload is EXTRA heavy. Kerbey has graduated to official baller-pet status. We can FINALLY take her out without her leash and she will listen like a CHAMP no matter what screaming children or yappy dog happens to tempt her otherwise. I NEVER thought I'd say this...but, LONG LIVE THE SHOCK COLLAR! (only up to level 3, though!)

Update complete. Umm...actually I'm just tired of typing. But I think that was an information overload anyway. My apologies :)

OH!..how could I forget? LOOBS IS BACK and I'm pumped :)

That's all, folks.


Jason and Lindsey said...

your writing is so incredibly entertaining!

Ivy said...

the woodlands is my new favorite place! we stopped and ate at tommy bahamas in thier town center on our way home from tulsa this past weekend - umm amazing! its so pretty!

im glad youre having so much fun! if youre ever in sl you should let me know and we can catch up! :)