Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Kerbey just ate my sandwich. ANNOYING. I've been rushing around this morning because i had a few hours with no clients. Sooooo...I came home and have been getting some MUCH NEEDED chores done around the house. I planned everything perfectly to the MINUTE so that I would get the last load of laundry into the dryer, get my lunch made, & finish my assignment before I had to leave for class. Everything was going perfectly...until my not-so-cute-at-the-moment little canine struck!!

She seriously downed that baby in abour 4.5 seconds. No lie. (It MUST have been a delicious sandwich) So...I had to take the time to get her in trouble. THEN I had to take the time to make another sandwich. And by THAT time I was sweating so I had to change clothes because these are the clothes I'll be stuck in for the next 6 hours. Anywho- I'm already running late for class, so I'm just gonna wait to show up until our halfway break, at which time I can inconspicuously sneak in without anyone (particularly my professor) noticing I was late :)

In other news, Brian's 3-on-3 bball team won their championship and his full-court team has the championship on Thursday night. The final game won't be until 10:00PM if they make it that far. Um....I know I'm only 23, but I'm ALREADY too old for such a late night. Ha...most of the guys on his team are in their 30s and I KNOW they're too old for it. We're leaving straightaway after his game to head to the Shoog and then the Curry familia is off to Galvey for the weekend!! Cannnnn't wait to see the fam OR to get some ocean in my life :0)

Oh...and the MOST exciting part about this weekend is.....

NICKYBABE IS GETTING MARRRIIIIEEEEEEDDDD!!! I'm so excited to see him in his tux...standing next to his bride :) It's crazy to even think about it. PLUS, Dane-o and Seanpack will be there too (Sean's bringing his new fiancee) all-in-all, I think this will be a STELLAR weekend :)

I hope everyone is doing super well. Jacci- I don't know a thing about the vaccination stuff, but I am totally learning from all of your experiences, so when B and I have a little munchkin, prepare yourself for TONS of advice-seeking phone calls :)

Hollaaaa <3


Jacci said...

i wish i was going to the shoog this weekend! i got your voice mail last night. i'll call you back soon i promise! love you! have so much fun this weekend! tell nick i said congrats!!!

oh...and woody eats my food ALL. THE. TIME.

Carrie Jo Howard said...

Ha... gotta keep an eye on those sandwiches... I've lost quite a few myself that way. Sounds like yall have an amazing weekend planned!! Enjoy!

Tichenor Family said...

Oh man, bummer on the sandwich!

Have fun with your family... so fun, Galv beach house, yay!

Miss you, love you.