Thursday, November 6, 2008

I got in!!

Soooo... I don't think I ever mentioned that I am OFFICIALLY accepted to UT Tyler's nursing program starting in January. YAYYY!!!! I can't wait to get rollin' with this thing :) It's crazy to think that, come January, I'll be a full-time student again. And then, right at the end of the semester, I'll be busting out a child. WHOA.

On that note- I am officially SHOWING! It's not actual baby-bump. But I had 2 different ppl at work today tell me that they can see it! And Brian said the same thing...he was watching me vaccuum and he spotted the chunk :) Basically, I just look a little tubby in the stomach region. Where my belly used to be flat, it is no longer so. Kind of exciting!


Jacci said...

congratulations rox!!!

hahaha i can't wait til you "bust out that child" I wish we were close enough to babysit while you went to class!!! i could get my baby fix and robert could keep his sanity. (I've been jokingly suggesting to him it's time to have another baby just to see where he is on it. I don't really want one right now but it's funny to get him worried! instead he's suggesting to all of our friends that THEY get pregnant)

love you!!! you will be the best nurse EVER.

Kayla said...

hahah I love that you will be "busting out a baby"! I can't wait to meet him/her! It shouldn't be too long before you find out the sex huh?!

Bethany Freede said...

Please post a photo of the bump or the actual child roxling! Love you-when are you coming to Schoog? You mentioned that you are coming soon.

Bethany Freede said...

Oh yes....CONGRATS on nursing school. You really are going to be an amazing nurse! I was side tracked by the mental picture of you with a baby bump and forgot to mention that I am so excited about that too. LOVE YOU

Ivy said...

ah! congratulations roxy!! youre going to love being in school again! do you get to wear scrubs? do they have cute little maternity scrubs!? i bet they do and you will look so cute in them!
have a great week, big sis! :)