Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life at the moment...

Started my fall classes today... I'm excited!

A friend from Austin is coming to stay with us this weekend to help us find a house (CJ-we're house-hunting too!) and to watch lotssss and lots of football! I AM SO EXCITED THAT FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE AGAIN!

Brian and I had our drafts for our fantasy leagues this past Friday and Monday...I got pretty decent teams...we'll see how they pan out :)

We're starting our co-ed vball league in 2 weeks....yayyyyyy!!! HOPEFULLY we'll improve on last year's .020 winning percentage!! We've picked up some ringers, so our vball future is looking bright :)

My momma and I are going on a mommy/daughter vacay to Chicago in September! The weekend conflicts with a BIG event...but it was the only weekend of the fall we could coordinate our schedules...I'm pumped.

One of my clients hurt her shoulder prettttty bad yesterday while we were training, and I feel really bad! It's my first on-the-job injury :(

Kerbey is FINALLY out of her diapers. Much cleaner....but I kind of miss watching her waddle miserably around the house ha.

I can't believe it's almost SEPTEMBER!

Reidy-boo is on his way to Cali...I can't believe the baby-bro is a college kid! Geez.

Scarlett and Carson are two of the cutest little munchkins everrrrrrrrrrrrr. AND I really wish I could have seen his head-first dive into the stingray pond!

I got to see T-baby on our way through TheLub last week and it was GREAT! I miss youuuu.

Okay now...big news....brace yourselves...Brian and I are ACTUALLY getting to go visit the church we've been wanting to visit for about 2.5 months now (literally), but have just never been in town to do so. SAD. Awesome. I'm excited! I am prayyyyying that maybe THIS is the place God has been prepping for us for soooo long now :)

K...that's all the excitment I can muster up. Nothin big to report...just life!


Kayla said...

Good Luck with your classes! I am just a phone call away if you need to vent about school! :)

Jacci said...

aww you're sweet! good luck with classes and house hunting and all that fun stuff!! love you!

Carrie Jo Howard said...

Good luck house hunting!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one! We can compare notes! haha... have a great weekend! :)

Tichenor Family said...

you are so sweet... the dive was traumatic and hysterical all in one!

hope to see you soon!

Jason and Lindsey said...

Hey Lindsey Sanders (now married) and husband just moved down there and she was wondering about churches there. Which one are you all going to visit?