Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's Wednesday

I LOVE WEDNESDAY!!! Why? wellll....bc I LOVE "So You Think You Can Dance". Umm....Best. Show. Ever. least one of them. for realllssss...

Anywho- our cute little puppy, Kerbey Lane, is growing up!! She has officially become a woman...and a much younger age than expected (bummer). The poor little thing is going through puberty hahaha. She lays around the house all day groaning (I think she has cramps) and sleep a ton. And um...she has to wear a diaper. Hahahahha....when I came in from work today I laughed for about 30 minutes. It's the cutest/most hilarious thing ever. We just have to put up with this for a year until we can breed her with Jesse's boxer. They will make some studly little boxer babies :)

So tomorrow night I'm doing my friend Emily's hair. Sooo excited!!! I mean, of course I still color my own hair, but I haven't done anyone else's in FOREV and I miss it! So, I'm pretty stoked. I get to pretend to be a hair stylist for a day. Woo.

OH!! and Emily's getting baptized on Sunday too!! SUPERRRR cool. I'm excited that I'll ACTUALLY be here to see it! We were supposed to be leaving for Colorado on Saturday, but plans have changed at the last minute. What was going to be a 6-person trip has withered down to a 2-person trip. will be the BOMB for sure :) you all...gotta finish watching my show and dreaming about becoming an amazing dancer when I grow up :)


Tichenor Family said...

FYI - Megan & Jesse's puppy died on Sunday. They are both devastated. They are unsure exactly what happened... he may have been bit by something, eaten something poisonous, etc. Anyhow, they are crushed.

Kellianne said...

oh the diaper days of dogs! I went through 3 heats with my baby Nakona. The first one usually is the worst but then it gets easier everytime. We finally just got Nakona fixed and no more yucky stuff for her and I. But I must admit... I will miss seeing her in her cute little jean diaper she wore. When I had to put it on her, she would roll over on her back (just like a real baby) and I would put the diaper on. It's too cute! Good luck with Kerbey!!!

PS- did you get my wedding invite?