Monday, August 11, 2008


On Sunday, B and I visited Emily's church to see her get baptized!!!! Yayyyy :)))
I also got to meet Kori, who I have heard so much about. Yay for friends :)

The entire service was devoted to baptism. Apparently their preacher had delivered a super awesome message on baptism the previous week and the response was HUGE! There were at LEAST 50 people baptized that morning...and it's not even a very big congregation! We alternated between worship, and watching one person after another proclaim their faith in Jesus!! HOW could it possibly be any better that? Baptisms are always super exciting/emotional/joyful...but this Sunday was particularly riveting for me. I think I am just SO missing having a church family. I am missing being a part of a body of believers who come together to pour their hearts out to God every Sunday morning. I don't know... I was just sitting there thinking about each one of the people being baptized and how they each had to make the decision to dedicate their lives to Christ. Every single one of them was CHOOSING to make a change in his/her just hand it over to was CRAZY and it was AWESOME and it was EXCITING! This was just one small little church in Tyler, Texas, and 50 MORE PEOPLE joined God's kingdom in an hour! Imagine how many people are turning to God every day in all the rest of East the US in general.

I felt moved and encouraged and just REALLY excited about God after experiencing that. It was a blessing. It was awesome.

Congrats to my girl, Em...I'm EXCITED about how excited YOU are about what God's doing in your life and in your heart. And PS- those blonde locks are lookin goooood, girl :)

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Daniel Smith said...

Wow! And that is why Baptism is the greatest sermon ever preached, because it means that 1 more life has been changed and altered by Jesus Christ forever! I LOVE IT with you! Thanks for the great story!