Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On being a Girl-Mom

So as a girlmom, I feel SUCH responsibility to teach my girls to be grateful, humble, bold, gentle, confident, gracious, compassionate, loving, hungry for JESUS... and for justice...and for peace...and for love.   

MAN!  Parenting is a tough job.  It's such a responsibility.  Such a GIFT.  One that I NEVER could have dreamed up in my head.  The joy that I experience EVERY single day because of my 3 little beauties.  The meaning that my life holds because of their lives and because of their dependence on me.  The PRIDE that I feel.. in who I am in Christ.  The confidence that I have discovered in...really EVERYthing about myself...because I am who God created.  I am who I am because that's what God CHOSE to make me.  And He CHOSE me to be "mommy" to Aves and to Camo and to Palmer. 

I feel SUCH peace knowing that HE is drawing them to Him ALL the time.  That HE will NEVER fail them....even though I do daily.  I feel such an INTENSE and burning desire to do them justice in exemplifying everything that God calls me to be as a person, as a wife, as a friend, as a daughter, and as a mom.  And I feel SUCH excitement at the thought of teaching and raising and correcting and loving on and enjoying and relishing in my 3 sweet babygirls.

It's a funny feeling to know that I am SO unworthy, but at the same feel such trust in myself.  Although...I guess it's less in myself and more in my God.  I am just sooooo thankful that He loves me, that he created me, so that B-Riz and I could create and LOVE our little babes!  Thank you Lord.  May you CONSTANTLY be re-directing my path as I am CONSTANTLY stepping off the narrow course.  You are so good, and I am so thankful.  May my 3 daughters be PILLARS in Your Kingdom!

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