Thursday, May 31, 2012

Averton is THREE!! :)

My leetle first born munchkin is now a 3-year-old. Cressy. GOSH I miss her little baby moments, her baby noises, her mis-pronunciations of a million different words, her hilarious toddler grammatical errors... but I am loving watching her become a big girl. My first born, I love you so so so so so soooooo much :) Had SO much fun celebrating you today and making you feel super special.

We started the day off with breakfast cinnamon rolls (as Aves calls them), made cupcakes (her fave), opened presents, went to Gattitown (per the bday girl's random request), and got frozen yogurt! Terrific day letting Averton boss us around :)

At Aves' party (a couple weeks after her actual bday!), she kept throwing her arms up in the air & telling us "Mom! Dad! This is the best birthday EVER!!" It SO was NOT. But she SO thought it was :) And that is 100% all that counts. We played at the playground, grilled on the egg, ate lots of watermelon & cupcakes, then splashed it up @ the splashpad & played in the pool. The kiddos were WIPED out afterwards...just the way we like it :) So thankful for a healthy angel nugget to celebrate 3 years with. Pics to come.

Guests @ Averton's Partay:
-Mommy, Daddy, C-Lil
-Big Poppy (Nonni in spirit!)
-Nana & Papa
-Aunt Amy
-Kelly & Carson
-Casey, Greg, Tatum, & Hank
-Alicia & Noah
-Jenny, David, Jake, & Sophia
-wayyy too many cupcakes
-scorching sun
-an unacceptable # of flies. ew.


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